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The PropTech Switzerland Innovation Index 2021 is a detailed study of Swiss PropTech ecosystem. It based on research and development project of PropTech Academy Association and PropTech Switzerland Association. The purpose of this study is ...

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Über das Unternehmen

PropTech Switzerland Association was founded in 2018. The prominent real estate entrepreneurs themself, founders had the vision to improve the quality of the PropTech Business Models and to promote a more informed professional practice in the global property technology ecosystem. The association has research team, management team and advisory board. It is a first academic based technology association in construction and real estate sectors.
PropTech Switzerland is uniquely positioned to help the business sectors increase its efficiency, prosperity, and social responsibility. Through research and education initiatives at the research center, PropTech Switzerland applies its tradition of excellence in technology, knowledge transfer, and global reach to the construction, real estate and finance markets, developing innovations to help practitioners build responsibly and profitably.
The PropTech Switzerland is a research lab for innovation in the construction and real estate sectors that links innovation, technology and sustainability impact. As unique innovation space for the construction and real estate community, the research center primary objective is to create an intellectual community of multi-disciplinary researchers for developing professional work on innovation that impacts the development of the construction and real estate sectors. Sustainable innovation for the construction and real estate is linked to the development of digital platforms, products, and processes. Planning, design and development of business models are reshaping the construction and real estate sectors through innovative technologies. Our pioneering research investigates the innovative solutions in construction, real estate and finance from initial concept to market reality, providing breakthrough knowledge to help organizations, companies and startups capitalize on today’s dynamic markets and technologies.
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