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Wenige Tage nach der Absage der Expo Real organisierte das österreichische Startup LineMetrics kurzerhand eine virtuelle Bühne für die besten Talks. 24 renommierte Speaker unterstützten kurz entschlossen das einmalige un...

Deutschland, 27.10.2020
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● Die Expo Real wurde Covid-bedingt kurzfristig abgesagt ● Knowhow und Wissenstransfer sind gerade jetzt umso wichtiger ● Digital Real Estate Day als digitale Plattform für innovative Panels & Talks bereit

Deutschland, 19.10.2020



  • PropTech, Technologie


Gründung: 2012


Tel: +43 720 988 776



Geschäftsführer Reinhard Nowak

Über das Unternehmen

LineMetrics is the leading monitoring solution for existing buildings and any other asset. Smart buildings are a chance for an efficient allocation of resources and a sustainable society, therefore, LineMetrics provides the necessary foundation for existing buildings: real-time data monitoring. Our monitoring solution supports the user in tracking and documenting the relevant data in existing buildings (power consumption, temperature, humidity, CO2, leakages and so on). Therefore, it enables the user to save costs, prevent defects, and fulfill legal requirements.

Your Advantages

  • Remote access from laptop and smartphone
  • Can be set up within a day in existing buildings without further IT knowledge
  • Easily expandable and compatible with customary sensors
The Problem Buildings Systems are accountable for a large share of construction and maintenance costs. As these systems are hard to analyze, over the years the buildings are operated inefficiently. Additionally, buildings are responsible for over 40% of CO2 emissions. Significant improvements are necessary to reach climate goals. However, existing buildings are often too complex to update them to smart buildings with existing solutions. As a result, valuable resources are wasted, and high costs are caused. Possible problems are:
  • Legal requirements cannot be fulfilled or only at great expense
  • Decisions are based on experience instead of facts
  • Damage to properties cannot be prevented
The Solution LineMetrics makes real-time data monitoring in existing buildings possible and is realizing cost and time savings. The LineMetrics-Platform is cloud-based, this means you can access the current and past data from your laptop or smartphone wherever and whenever you want. All the data is documented and can be downloaded or transferred to other systems for proof of legal requirements. weiterlesen


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